• Growing demand for smaller houses in Italy

    The Italian real estate market is undergoing a transformation, driven by a number of trends that are influencing buyer preferences and housing dynamics.Firstly, rising mortgage costs and economic uncertainties are pushing more and more people towards...

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  • Seasons: The Winning Choice for Your Real Estate Adventure in Venice

    Discover Seasons World: The Real Estate Agency that accompanies you every step of the way

    Specialisation and Experience.With years of experience in the property sector, Seasons has established itself as an authority in the market for buying and selling in the most desirable coastal areas of northern Italy. Our specialisation in these areas...

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  • Dubai: The Future of Elegant Living comes true with Seasons Real Estate

    Prestige Residences: An Unparalleled ExperienceThe residences offered by Seasons Real Estate are not simply houses; they are architectural creations that blend modern design, unparalleled comfort and breathtaking views. Every detail has been carefully...

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  • Tecnoborsa, HOUSING MARKET - Q3 2023

    In Q3 2023, according to the survey conducted among 1,451 real estate agents from 25 September to 25 October 2023, the following significant results emerged

    Changes in Real Estate Quotations:- The share of agents who consider listings stable remains preponderant at 61.3% (up from 63.0% previously).- However, the negative balance between increasing and decreasing quotations widened, with 28.6% of agents reporting...

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  • Property Market Trends: An ISTAT View

    Contraction of 4.1% compared to the previous quarter and a year-on-year decline of 16.0%.

    Regional Variations and Real Estate SectorsThe cyclical variations show a decline in housing sales in all regions, with the North-West declining by 5.9%, the North-East by 5.1%, the South by 4.1%, and the Centre by 2.4%. An exception is the Islands, which...

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  • Exploring Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Dubai with Seasons

    Dubai, with its breathtaking skyline and continuous economic growth, presents itself as one of the most desirable destinations for real estate investment.

    Dubai, one of the most dynamic and innovative cities in the world, offers not only a high quality of life, but also an ideal environment for successful real estate investments. In this fascinating landscape, Agenzia Seasons acts as an expert guide for...

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  • The housing market in 2024: What to expect for prices and rents

    Optimistic forecasts

    2023:Although figures for last year are not yet available, a significant drop in buying and selling is estimated, largely attributed to the decrease in mortgages, which fell by 29% according to September 2023 statistics reported by Corriere della Sera....

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  • The Mose Revolutionizes the Property Market in Venice: 7% Increase for Ground Floor Houses

    The average price per square metre of properties increased by 3%.

    Increase in Property Value:The average price per square metre of properties located above the Mose activation threshold, i.e. above 110 centimetres, increased by 3% over the period 2020-2021. However, it is the ground floor sector that shows the most...

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  • The Dilemma of Real Estate Auctions in Italy: A Firestorm of Problems to Solve

    An analysis by the fintech Reviva, has revealed a worrying phenomenon: real estate auctioned is sold at an average price of EUR 700 per square metre

    Significant Economic DamageThis discrepancy highlights a vast destruction of value in the Italian residential property sector. A comparison of auction and market prices reveals that houses are offered for sale at just over a third of their real value....

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  • Winter Tourism on the rise: +10% in short-term rentals and +1.2% in second-home sales

    Fiaip data confirms a boost to the tourism property market, with more short-term rentals and interest in second homes.

    With 54% of real estate agencies handling short lets, tourist demand continues to grow, strengthening confidence in agencies' professional services.For the coming winter season, a further +10% in tourist rentals is expected, with a focus on rentals of...

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