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Growing demand for smaller houses in Italy

The Italian real estate market is undergoing a transformation, driven by a number of trends that are influencing buyer preferences and housing dynamics.

Firstly, rising mortgage costs and economic uncertainties are pushing more and more people towards smaller homes. This trend is also accentuated by demographic change, with smaller households and an ageing population, leading to an increasing demand for one- and two-bedroom apartments.

According to industry experts, this transition towards more compact and cost-efficient housing units will be a major trend in residential real estate in the coming years. Many households are considering replacing their current home with a smaller one, or even buying a second home to adapt to a change in their housing needs, such as an extended retirement age.

The latest Housing Trend Report revealed that one in five Italians plan to buy a property in the next two years, with a preference for city flats. However, there is a growing interest in co-living, especially among young people, who see this option as convenient and advantageous.

In addition to co-living, another emerging trend is co-ownership, which attracts the attention of those wishing to secure a second or holiday home. This property-sharing model offers a way to make homes accessible to more people, allowing them to share the costs and enjoy the benefits of ownership.

Finally, there is a growing interest in sustainability and convenient urban living, with many people seeking to live in '15-minute cities' that offer amenities and green spaces within easy reach.



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